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Alex M. Mercado, MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Flanders, NJ

Preventative health is a cornerstone of Dr. Alex M. Mercado’s practice. As a Primary Care Partners affiliate, he's passionate about working in partnership with patients to optimize their health, whether that means looking for areas of improvement or sustaining an already healthy lifestyle. If you’re ready to take control of your health and feel your very best, schedule an appointment at the Flanders, New Jersey office today.

Preventative Health Q & A

What is preventative medicine?

Preventative medicine focuses on preventing illness and detecting medical concerns in their earliest possible stages. Preventative care can help you preserve your overall wellness and make a real difference in your quality of life.

Preventative care begins with routine medical exams with your primary care physician. Dr. Mercado is honored to be the physician of choice for many men, women, and children in the Flanders community.

During your exams, Dr. Mercado discusses your current health and addresses any questions or concerns that you have. Depending on your age, gender, and specific needs, he may recommend several screenings. Each provides valuable information that Dr. Mercado uses to guide your treatment.

Why is it important to see a primary care physician?

In many ways, your primary care physician serves as the captain of your overall healthcare team. When you’re in good health, a primary care physician like Dr. Mercado can handle virtually all of your needs, including routine examinations and treatment for bouts of illness.

If you develop a serious medical condition, Dr. Mercado helps you determine your next steps. These might include more in-depth screening or treatment for a specific issue.

If you require specialized care, Dr. Mercado can access his network of professional connections to help you find the best possible fit for your needs. He also coordinates your care with these specialists to ensure that there are no gaps in your treatment.

Finally, working with a primary care physician allows you to build a comprehensive medical record that includes all of your essential health information. Your record shows changes and trends over time and can help Dr. Mercado recognize any areas of concern.

How can I prepare for a physical exam?

Think of your next routine physical as a time to focus on yourself for a change. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about your health, changes in treatment paths, or even new diets or health fads you’re curious about.

Many patients like to bring in a written list of questions to make sure they cover everything. Others allow their doctor to guide the process. Be as open and honest as possible, even if you find the subject matter embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Your routine physical exams are opportunities to maximize your health and wellness, giving you the energy and fitness you need to enjoy your life.

To schedule your next preventative exam, contact Dr. Mercado’s office; you can call or book online.

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