Marc G. – Submitted 08/05/18

Dr.Mercado is a very knowledgeable physician,and offers a thorough exam. He likes to talk about non-related medical topics. His office staff and nurses are easy to talk with,and are very pleasant.

John S. – Submitted 01/2020

Dr Mercado and his staff , Lisa and RNs always provide great medical services. STRONGLY RECOMMEND . My family has visited there office for over 7 years now. They always make room in their schedule . Very well managed office ! Appointments are always in a timely manner. Great staff , very friendly and caring about patient needs. In addition Dr Mercado is very knowledgeable and works with patients at local hospitals and nursing centers . Strongly recommend!

Lecia G. – Submitted 01/2020

I think choosing a good Primary Doctor is a crucial decision for a family. Saying that, I know my family chose well when we chose Dr. Mercado. He is extremely knowledgeable and will leave no stone unturned when helping you to figure out a health issue. He truly cares about his patients and that level of care is a rare find. I am grateful we have a doctor that we fully trust with our care. He has returned calls after hours, weekends and through snow storms. He has a kind, professional and calming demeanor that is very comforting. And if it wasn’t enough to have a primary care doctor we feel this way about we also feel the same way about his Assistant Lisa. Lisa has been so helpful to my family over the years I couldn’t begin to count the times. Always, there to gather medical Information and assistant prior to being seen by the doctor. She is quick to return phone calls and and so helpful in answering questions. She is extremely professional, wise and so warm. The Office Management Team, Karen and Mayi always greet you with kindness and gather the correct information needed. They are quick to return calls, work with your insurance company, set up appointments, help you to get seen for a sick visit and all with a smile!!! Dr. Mercado has certainly put a wonderful dream team together. I don’t think I could express the gratitude I feel for 15 years of excellent medical care for myself and my family. So thank you Dr. Mercado, Lisa, Mayi and Karen for all dedication and service in our community!!!

Kristina D. – Submitted 07/2019

Dr.Mercado has been my primary care doctor for over half of my life. I can truly say he is the most patient, professional, dedicated and thorough doctor. I’ve had a number of health issues through the years and I never have to worry under the care of Doctor Mercado. I know that he will always figure out the root of the issue + work on the best solution so that I am feeling my best! (Who has time to be sick?!) Lisa, the head nurse at the practice is phenomenal, she is an expert in her field + always makes me laugh. My family also goes to Dr. Mercado + they couldn’t be happier. Our health is so vital and it is such a peace to know that we are in such great hands. If you are looking for a seasoned doctor, look no further!!!

Sandra H. – 04/2018

Professional, accommodating (I’ve never been turned away for a last minute appointment request) and friendly.